Autodesk Alias Studio Tutorial -A Simple Automotive Model

I decided to take on the epic task of learning to model in Alias.

In 1999 whilst clay modelling the 2005 Audi A6 replacement under Senior Designer Satoshi Wada, I became firstly interested and then completely hooked on learning Alias Studio. I got a lot of help from my Senior Designer and during lunch and whilst working late, I used my time to gleen as much information about Alias as I could from Alias professionals.In the Automotive industry 3D modelling standards are very high. Alias Studio modellers work to exacting tollerences and have to avhieve very high quality surfacing as well as, a very high standard of  Curvature continuity.I should mention here that, I have completed all the models in the Alias Wavefront education book “Learning Studio Tools” and IMHO that’s the best way to get started, but it really is just the very begining and to grow towards becoming a competent Product Modeller I knew that I would have to gain experience in many areas of modelling.I started learning to build virual vehicles models in 2001.  When I built cars, the forms and dimensions  came straight from my head without using any reference or drawings.

At the moment aesthetic design is not what I am attempting to achieve. It’s all about controlling surfaces and making each surface meet the next with Complete Curvature Cont. / Tangency or sometimes a Surface Break.) At first you will struggle to build good surfaces, but with each car you build and with each product mdelling tutorial that you complete, you will see an improvement.I will put some of my early work up here, so that you can see the problems that occur when you start out, as the weeks and months pass I shall be posting more sophisticated results.If you are really serious about learning Alias, you’ll find that there aren’t enough hours in a day!__________________________________________________________________

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Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.