Autodesk Alias Tutorial – Overbuilt Intersected Construction -Class A Surfacing

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Hi, Have you just completed a disappointing Alias course at Uni? Can’t get an entry level job because you know very little about Alias Class A Modelling and Reverse Engineering. Well you’ve found the right website. If you need PROFESSIONAL online Alias Automotive video training + regular help and reviews to Industry Entry level (Class A Principles), please register on my website and I will send you the course details: I have a 100% success rate at finding an Alias position with students who complete the course.

As you know for several years now,I have been teaching students world wide how to build the Audi A5 Sportback

and many of my students have found top jobs with companies such as Lotus and GM and many students have gone on to earn top money, as Contract Modelers

I am currently building a completely new car for my Alias Training website.

Whereas the A5 uses the NURBS  curve network & Patched single span surfaces used in Class A modeling, the “LA Visage Sportster” uses a completely different method of modeling.
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