Autodesk Alias Studio – Brembo Brakes & Racing Discs

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First Alias is so intense, so here-s a bit of fun. Me and one of my three Yorkies Romi having fun in the Med. I hope you enjoy it!

Autodesk Alias Studio – Brembo Brake Caliper & Racing Disc Preview

This is the level of modeling you need to be able to show at interview if you want to stand out

Today’s Automotive Recruitment Personnel want to see evidence of  competency in High Quality Surfacing

and also that you can support your Surfacing Skills with the full understanding of Alias required to model complex detail
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Atodesk Alias Building A Concept Car Body. Car Design

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Full Professional Alias Automotive Modeling Course

Building A Car Body


This is the “L.A.Virrage Sportster”

It has been designed and modeled by me to use as 1 of the 2 Training Car Exteriors on my Learning Alias Course.

Professional Construction Methods

There are 2 main methods for building a car body in 3D. This car uses the Intersecting Surfaces Method. Surfaces are first Overbuilt and then trimmed where they intersect each other. This forms the Theoretical Point of Intersection, which is later filleted

Pictured above

This is how you start building a car exterior in Autodesk Alias. I will teach you how to prepare Canvas Planes in Adobe PS. and then import them into a new stage in Alias. This includes learning how to scale and position them and how to use the Canvas Layer Editor to control the individual planes.
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