Automotive Physical / Digital Sculpting Process- GM

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Here are some videos from GM. USA, showing the design process, from Sketch, Thru Clay Model to Digitally Sculpted Model

Manohar Mahale

LearningAlias wishes to thank our graduate Manohar Mahale now at GM, for providing the link

David Torres

We also wish to announce that LA. graduate David Torres, is now with Audi Design in Munich and we would like to wsh him great success in his new career and thank him for his contribution to the LearninAlias Body of Learning Material.

Yair Sharim

Yair Sharim is currently modelling at Ferrari . We would also like to  thank him for his invaluable contribution to the LearninAlias Body of Learning Material.

Kevin de Smet

Kevin de Smet is currently modelling Wiring Harnesses for Volvo and continues to study Surfacing at an Advanced level with LA. We would also like to  thank him for his contribution to the LearninAlias Body of Learning Material.

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Kind regards and enjoy your Alias

Graham bullock B.Ed. CNAA. Des. Tech.