Learning Alias, My Personal Journey, Alias之旅

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Hi Everyone. 大家好。

This is Mathew Tan from Malaysia.

I’ve been a Learning Alias Elite student  for about a year now and working hard toward my passion as an Automotive Alias Modeller or Automotive Digital Sculptor.

我是陈志源来自马来西亚,也是Learning Alias的学生。我跟Graham先生学习Alias有一年多的时间了。目前正朝着我志愿成为一明Alias Modeler。

The reason I’m writing this article is to share what I had learned from LearningAlias and Graham Bullock, by following his unique video tutorials on the LA website and by following his professional advice and “one to one” demonstrations on how to approach modeling complex areas.

There are tons of tutorials available (ranging from simple to advanced) which will keep you busy. The initial tutorial is embedded in the website and the advanced material is released to students privately. You are always encouraged to ask for valuable advice from Graham if you get stuck on a work-flow *. He personally reviews your wire file at regular intervals, offering comments, tips and advice. Also he will supply mesh-data for complex areas of the model, this is vital for C and A Pillars for example.


For me Class A surfacing is like a mysterious term a few years back which can frighten you!

However by following an LA course, I have started to really understand what Class A surface modelling is and what is expected in Industry.


Also, you get to learn what G1,G2,G3 actually mean and when it is appropriate to use each level of surface continuity.

In addittion you learn what constitutes a Primary & Secondary and tertiary surfaces? What a Parent srf and Child srf. is and how they should be associate as regards the Align Control. How to create all the main srfs. of the model using Single Span Bezier srfs. You will learn all about Positional & Curvature continuity and how to correct out of tolerance surface boundary condition. How to achieve all these continuity conditions and how to evaluate the surface quality. These are the things which, I could never have acquired whilst stuck in a self learning situation. Alias is a top profession, just like any other profession, you have to be taught and mentored by a guy who has worked at the top level within Industry.

I have a few examples of the work I have produced since joining LA.

You’ll see how my Models gradually improve in terms of surface quality and complexity.


Estrella Reverse Engineering Project, Estrella逆向工程作品:

Estrella 1

Estrella 3

Virrage Project: Designed by Graham Bullock/Modeled by Mathew Tan.

Virrage 1 panel gaps

Virrage 2 panel gaps

VW Beetle:

Beetle 12

Beetle 7

Beetle 10

My complete Gallery can be viewed @


您也可以在  http://www.learningalias.co.uk/showmod.php?t=72了解更多我的作品。

This is not the end. I’m working on my modelling speed & accelerating my productivity

to be accepted in industry. If you’re interested in Alias or have same passion like me, why not sign up with LA  as, Graham has a 100% success rate with his Elite student group.

这还不是终点。我正努力加快建模的速度和效率,而能在业界被接受。如果你对Alias有兴趣,或和我有同样的意志,不凡注册LA,因为Graham 先生的学生有100%的成功率。

Thank you and have fun with Alias!  谢谢!

Mathew Tan, 陈志源 (mathew12tan@yahoo.com, mathew12tan@gmail.com)

Info. on Courses:

“Course #1″.

6 Months website access to all website based video tutorials, 167 Euros (215 USD equivalent Sept. 2012)

“Course #2″.

167 Euros (215 USD equivalent Sept. 2012) per month. You get your .wire reviewed by me every 15 days and you will receive : feedback, instruction, tips and advice from me personally. Access to all videos including my ” Private Student Training Videos”. You will build at least 3 complete automotive exteriors. The course also includes an intensive Reverse Engineering section, which required by most employers.

“#3 Full Pro. “Elite” Course”.

Fast Track Full Pro. “One to One” Course with weekly reviews and coaching 200-250 Euros (USD. 260-320 approx. Sept. 2012) per month. One to One Private tuition. You will receive specific geometry and meshes and modeling from me personally where required, to help you to complete your exteriors quickly to an Industry entry level standard. This means a bigger investment, but once in an Alias modelling job you will get back what you invested many times over and be able to work anywhere in the world

NB: Typically students pay 50% of the cost of the “Elite” course by monthly instalments settling the balance over time,  once they have an Alias Automotive contract.

For more info,

Just register on my website and I’ll send you all the details







“#3,全专业。 “精英课程“。

迅速专业。 “一对一”课程,每周评论和教练每月200-250欧元(2012年9月USD.260-320左右。)。一对一补习。在有需要时,您将收到具体的几何形状和网格和建模,以帮助您快速完成你的模型,而达到入行级标准。这是一个更大的投资,但一得到Alias建模工作,你会得回你投资的许多倍,并能在世界任何地方工作。



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