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“Course #1”.

6 Months website access to all video tutorials, 167 Euros (212 USD equivalent Jan.2012)

“Course #2”.

Full Automotive course to Industry Entry level, including Reverse Engineering and regular reviews of your work 167€ per month/200USD

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Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

Graham Bullock BEd. Des.Tech gives a talk on preparing yourself for an Alias Automotive Modeling Career

Hi ,

I get hundreds of emails from Alias Automotive students, asking me how they can reach Automotive Industry Entry Level, so I have decided to talk about this subject here on my website

Specialized University Courses

I should like to start by saying that if you have the resources available you should do a 3-4 year course in Transport Design at a top university. A course like this whilst it does not guarantee you getting a job, will help build your skills in Visualization, Sketching, Clay Modeling and Digital Modeling. In my experience although the percentage of students finding a Digital Modeling job directly as a result of graduating is still fairly small. these students if they are prepared to invest a small amount of money in private Alias training almost without fail manage to make Industry entry level, within 3-12 months and find an Alias job.
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