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I am an Alias trainer and not a recruiting specialist, so I am writing this post based on my experience of placing my best students in Alias Automotive positions via specialist recruitment agencies over a period of 8 years.

Here are a few questions that I get asked all the time with my answers:

Q) I have taught myself Alias Automotive. How do I get an Entry level job?

A) If you are self taught it will be REALLY difficult to convince an employer that you know enough and can work fast enough to make it viable to offer you a job. The problem is that you probably have zero experience of working under design studio pressures and to the skill level that they require.

My advice would be that you should take a course online for 12-18 months and then take an internship in an Alias design studio.


Q) I have 5-10 years experience as an Alias Product Designer. Can I apply for an Entry level job in an Alias design studio?

A) IMHO No. Although you certainly have a very good Alias skill set and can model quickly, you have no experience of: Automotive Modeling Methodology,  *Class A principals or working with large Bezier surfaces that have to demonstrate tightly controlled highlights.

(My advice would be that you should take an Automotive course for 12 months and then when you are competent at working to *Class A principals and competent at Reverse Engineering surfaces from Mesh to Nurbs and you have a good Automotive portfolio, then you will be prepared to start applying for an Entry level position).


Q) I have a Masters Degree in Transport Design. Can I apply for an Entry level job?

A) If you were top in your year at uni and did a period of internship as part of your degree then you could try and get a start as a staff employee at an OEM. However if you consider that you were good but didn’t fully master Alias during your uni years then  IMHO you are not yet ready to apply for an Entry level position.

(My advice would be that you should take an Automotive course for 9-18 months and then when you are competent at working to *Class A principals and competent at Reverse Engineering surfaces from Mesh to Nurbs and you have a good Automotive portfolio, then you can start applying for an Entry level position).

Q) I have been told by a recruiting agency that they want to interview me before they decide whether or not to pass my job application on to their client. Can you tell me what kind of interview I should expect?

A) This is something that can vary a lot, but the minimum you should expect is that the agency will send you a polygonal mesh to Reverse Engineer within a period of say 24 hours (They often ask you to log your hours). The mesh used for interviews is usually quite demanding to surface. At the other end of the scale:

I have had students who have been subjected to a practical skills test in a design studio.

If this is required the agency will pay for your flight and hotel, so that you can attend the design studio every day (usually between a 3-5 day period) and work with various designers to produce or modify models. You will probably be given a different test each day and you may work with several designers over the 3-5 days of the interviewing process. You should always be very honest about your skill levels when talking with recruitment agents, so that they can make the correct decisions about if and where to try to place you.

Q) How long will I have to wait following my skills test to know if I have the job or not?

A) This varies a lot and depends upon many factors, such as approval of the design budget, whether the employers/designers feel that you meet the bill and would fit in well within the particular studio et cetera. Usually it would take between 1 and 4 weeks before your job offer is confirmed or not.

I Don’t Wish to Discourage Anyone

But I am talking about the real world and getting into an Alias Automotive Design studio in the current economic climate and it’s really tough. Only the candidates who have put in the hard miles in Automotive modeling and Reverse Engineering will be considered for interview.

Q) Do you coach your students on how to prepare their portfolios?

A) Yes towards the end of their course I do review both their CV’s and portfolios to make sure that students are presenting themselves to prospective employers in the best possible way. Usually I will review their CV/Pf. 3 times to make sure that they are to a really high standard.

Q) Do you recommend going straight into the Design Studio of a major OEM?

A) As a staff employee yes, as you will receive on the job training to further elevate your Alias skill-set

Q) I want to work as a contractor. Can I start in that role.

A) Generally only if you have say a lot of previous alias experience, as a Product Designer or a history of working with say Alias and Catia V5 and of course having completed 9-12 months Alias Automotive training.

I have a degree in Product Design (and or some work experience) Can I train to become an Automotive Modeler?

Yes you can take a course either with me or with another trainer/college to learn Automotive Modeling, but unless you pick a very good course you won’t learn enough to reach Automotive Industry Entry level. I have taught several students who have followed this same route. In my experience, a good Product Designer can develop into a very good Automotive Modeler.

Q) What is the one most important piece of advice that you can offer a candidate who has done all the training and reached a high Entry level standard?

A) If you get a firm job offer JUMP AT IT, as job offers are hard to find at Entry level.

Once you are in a studio, this is when you really start to learn Automotive Alias.

This has been my personal experience

Other Alias Trainers or recruitment specialists may have differing ideas based on their own experience.

I hope that you have found this helpful.

kind regards

graham bullock

1) IMHO.= In my humble opinion.

2) *Class A principals=Understanding what Class A modeling standards are and how to model primary and secondary Bezier surfaces (Single Span). You have an understanding of class A principals, but you are only on the first step of the Class A skill-set ladder.

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NB: Typically students pay 50% of the cost of the “Elite” course by monthly installments settling the balance over time, once they have an Alias Automotive contract.

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*** Special 25% Discounts for US students (Message me on my website for details)


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