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Hi, Have you just completed a disappointing Alias course at Uni? Can’t get an entry level job because you don’t know enough about Alias Class A Modelling and Reverse Engineering. This is normal because universities can’t afford to employ top Alias Automotive modellers. Please don’t worry, you’ve found the right website. If you need PROFESSIONAL online Alias Automotive and Reverse Engineering video training + regular help and reviews to Industry Entry level ( A Class Principles), please register on my website for free and I will send you the course details: I have a 100% success rate at finding an Alias position with students who complete the course.

Building a Digital car.

Nothing is held back from you!

I show you how to model the details of an Auto exterior, which you won’t find anywhere else. You will learn to build 2 great cars, using the 2 distinct Alias Modeling Methods.

Overbuilt and Intersected Surfaces


NURBS Curve Network with Class A Single Span Patch Construction

The Cars I will teach you to build are the beautiful Audi A5 Sportback designed by the amazing Satoshi Wada

The “L.A. Virrage Sportster” Concept Car, designed by graham bullock

+ several other Reverse Engineered models of Series Production Cars. 

[R.E. (Reverse Engineering). This is the process of creating Nurbs surfaces from polygonal mesh data. Most Automotive employers expect candidates to be competent in R.E. at Entry Level and Reverse Engineering Nurbs srfs from mesh data is used extensively nowadays, as a form of testing candidates skills at interview in a practical test, so in these situations, if you don’t have RE skills, you have zero chance of getting thru the interview process successfully. I have a special course which comprises 20+ unique training videos by Kevin de Smet and myself, which takes students through the RE skill set step by step. My students go on from there to surface a Bugatti using RE techniques.]

Pictured above:
Here for example you learn intricate panel sculpting and finite detailing, as you can see, right down to the slot for the door key and the Door Handle Depression

These are real Automotive skills which will get you a job and earn you serious money, even in a world recession

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