This is the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid A-Class ALIAS model . エイリアス。 インフィニティハイブリッドAクラスモデル, ALIAS模型

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Hi, Have you just completed a disappointing Alias course at Uni? Can’t get an entry level job because you don’t know enough about Alias Class A Modelling, CAS and Reverse Engineering. This is normal because universities can’t afford to employ top Alias Automotive modellers. Please don’t worry, you’ve found the right website. If you need PROFESSIONAL online Alias Automotive and Reverse Engineering video training + regular help and reviews to Industry Entry level ( A Class or CAS Principles), please register on my website for free and I will send you the course details: I have a 100% success rate of students finding an Alias position with students who complete the course.

 There are already 200 Alias posts here, authored by me CEO LearningAlias Online Academy Graham Bullock B.Ed. (CNAA) Des. Tech. and I will be adding many more !!!!!

This is the Infiniti Q50 HybridClass a ALIAS A Class model : by Lauriane Bensabbah-Marcellot, Student 3D Industrial design
Maranello, Italy 
















For student’s who have the objective of finding a CAD job in the near future, I still teach One to One students and all of these students get Automotive Modeling or Design/Modeling jobs, so it’s a great investment to make. The hourly rate is very high and there are vacancies in UK. France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, USA, Brazil etc. I can only take a maximum of 10-15 students at any one time. I teach all levels right up to Post Graduates. I have never had a Private student fail to get an Alias Automotive job (Companies include Ferrari, GM, Lotus, Opel, Audi Seat etc. ). If you wish to apply for a place, please email me with all your details.
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