Audi RS4 Wheel and Tire – Modelling. 2017 software on free trial.

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I Will Be Showing You How To

Create the set-up geom. in Alias World Space to create the 7 spokes with perfect tessellation

I will be teaching you how to create a life like tyre, with, Carcass, Kerb Band (Scuff Band) and YES! Tread.

The tread is made by a combination of modelling plus projecting texture

it has modelled grooves with projected texture on top of the physical geom.


Audi Rs4 Style Wheel


This is  an Audi RS4 style wheel modelled in Autodesk Alias and rendered in Alias.

This is a difficult wheel to model, because it has an uneven amount of spokes (7) and it also has an uneven amount of bolt holes (5).

RIM_1Create The Rim & Tire Revolve Curves

The protocol is to create a wheel on the origin, so in F7 (Back) set out the dimensions of your wheel. You can use a plane tire carcass or build a tread, as I have done (the tread is not flat, it has a small crown.)

Include all the radii at this point. It will save you time later having to make fillets.


Revolve the Basic Segment of the Rim and Tire

We are going to make , half a spoke, so it makes sense to make a seg. of both the rim and tire at the same time. This wheel has 7 spokes or 14 half spokes and the deg. of rotation to form half a spoke is: 25.714285 deg. (25.714)


Making The First Half Spoke (Master)

using phtographic ref. make this Spoke Profile crv. which we will revolve to form the face of the spoke


There is a 5.5 dia. badge in the cejnter of the wheel, so build your spoke crv. around that


The top of the spoke revolve crv. attach to the rim as shown


Revolve the soke profile crv. and put down 2 keylines, both on z with the pivot at the origin

Select 1 crv. and rotate it 25.714 deg.

NB: This tutorial is a WIP, so there is still information to be added. Here for example I need to create the pics. to show the workflow for aligning the spoke’s crvs.


Half Spoke Trimmed_out at 25.714 deg,


Mirror The Half_Spoke & Dup. Rotate it Around

this is only to check that you have curvature for all the segments


Once you have done this check, you can delete all but the Master Half_Spoke


Ctreate The Sides of the Spoke using the Draft Control set to angle of 3 degs.

Part of the draft at the bottom will not build properly, so just trim it out, using a keyline, as shown


This view shows the draft surfs. with their 3 deg. angle, passing thru. the rim

Intersect them with the rim and trim_out

Build small surfaces tgo fillet the gaps between the drafts


Draft Surfs. Intersected With The Rim

Now trim them out


Create Small Fillet Surfs. With Crvtr.

Build 2 surfs where the drafts end. Do this by creating crvs, aligning them etc. (see fig. below)


Cretate Slave surfs. to Align With


At this point Delete the RHS. spoke and keep just the Master Half_Spoke

Let’s Start Creating The Hub


Fillet the Open Edges of the Half_Spoke

Use the Round Control or Surface Fillet Control

I am just using my imagination

to design a locating system for the back of the hub to the bearing flange. If you wish you can take the actual engineering data & build it for real


Of course the hub crvs. must be in the YZ PL


Now That The Half_Spoke Is Filleted

We can mirror it accross YZ and form a Master _Spoke


Duplicating Object to Form the Face of the Wheel Rim


Should Be Looking Like This


14 Segments Duplicated & Rotated

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