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Kevin Brewer Elite student


When I began studying Alias, I started with the onboard tutorials and moved to everything else I could get my hands on. Training materials are scarce and expensive, but I knew that in order to progress I had to find a teacher. Alias is just too big of a program, and while it’s possible to learn by yourself, it will take far too long. I came across the LearningAlias website at the perfect time.
Learning from Graham and his team has been such a positive experience. Starting with the basics all the way through reverse engineering and CAS Modelling. LearningAlias has greatly improved my knowledge and skill set.
You start with the Audi A5, introducing the fundamentals of how surfaces work and how to build strong curves. Once you have a good grasp on modeling to blueprints, Graham has an extensive section in reverse engineering. You learn how to get your surfaces fitting very close to the scan data while retaining quality highlights. The skills learned in this section are necessary if you want to work in the automotive industry. You then go on to learn the MUST HAVE CAS skill set. Finally you get advice about preparing your portfolio.
One of the things I like most is how Graham gives you specific, professional workflows for each part of a model (e.g. Pillars, roof, panels, washouts). The tutorial videos detail each of these sections and are very thorough, demonstrating the techniques used to achieve the highest quality surfaces. Perhaps the best thing about LearningAlias is the personal attention each student receives. Before I signed up with LearningAlias, there would be periods where I felt like I was making zero progress. This can be so frustrating and discouraging. Whenever you get stuck, Graham provides excellent instruction letting you know what needs to be fixed and how to do it.
Graham not only teaches you about high quality surfacing, but what it’s like to work inside a studio. This is critical. Because learning the software is one thing, but you need to be prepared for when you have a job with deadlines!
I highly recommend LearningAlias if you are serious about becoming an A-Class surfacer, Concept  or CAS Modeller. Graham and his team are great teachers and are passionate about helping all of their students to achieve their goals. LearningAlias is the best investment I’ve made during my Alias journey.




Ankishu Gupta Elite student


I am a undergraduate student studying automotive design

working towards a BA(Hons)/MDes.

LearningAlias.co.uk has rapidly accelerated my Autodesk

Alias learning and has given me the chance to deeply

understand how many factors go into not just the design of

a vehicle but also the production of said vehicle.

LearningAlias has taught me a great deal on the

importance of achieving even CV distribution and the importance of checking each

curve with the proper evaluation tools. Before learning to

create the Audi A5, I was stuck creating surfaces with

multiple spans because the quality of my curves were not

up to a pro. standard, but Graham’s tutorials have helped me

understand how to vastly improve my work .

In addition to high level modelling, the tutorials have also

helped me increase my speed in using the software, allowing me

to create sketch models quickly for easy visualization and to

use as underlays.

I am very glad to have made the decision to study with

learningalias and would highly recommend it to

anyone looking to take a step into the Alias world. Skills learnt include CAS, Concept, Reverse Engineering and A_Class Modelling.



Francis Bernier Elite student

Hi Graham,

I’m very happy with what I have learned so far and can not

wait to sharpen my skills further and find a fun and

challenging Alias job.

I have to admit that one of the details that made me want to

follow your online course is that the Audi A5 is one of my

favourite car designs ! You have had the chance to work with

Satoshi Wada on the design of that car must have been a

great experience.

About your online course – I think it is great and everything

you talk about is clear and spoken with good rhythm, proper

visual support and neatly organized context.

Cheers from Montreal,



Jamie Holmes. Pro Alias Modeler:

I initially started with Graham with what I thought was a

reasonable knowledge of Alias, yet I soon found out there

was so much more to learn! Graham assessed my skill base

and tailored his teaching to rapidly improve my modelling,

initially covering reverse engineering and an overview of the

wide variety of tools. I then worked on class A techniques on

the Bugatti project and later the A5 and A5 face lift.

The reverse engineering projects greatly improved my

overall skill set and vastly expanded the amount of tools that

I used. The meshes available allow you to study the model

in its entirety and analyse how you would approach the

resurfacing. Patch layout is critical and the tutorials explain

how a pro modeller would go about resurfacing the model

and why they use particular techniques and patch layouts.

During these projects I used several different methods to

get within tolerance of the mesh, particularly the deviation

map tool. In conjunction with this tool I used several other

evaluation tools to ensure that I was close to the mesh yet

the highlights were running smoothly. This often meant

rebuilding surfaces to get the best balance between

highlights and acceptable tolerances. By using construction

history I could actively update the surfaces in real time

allowing me to analyse highlights, CV layout, curvature

continuity and tolerance in conjunction with one another,

helping to speed up my modelling.

Tools such as the curvature evaluation shader, the dynamic

evaluation tool and cross section editor became second

nature to use. These helped to show the surface

acceleration and allowed me to create a smoother transition

between surfaces by altering CV layout to create

acceleration leading from one surface into the next (G2/G3).

After completing the reverse engineering projects I

progressed onto the Audi models to put what I had learnt

into practice. The tutorials again give you a complete

overview of how to model the car from start to finish. These

projects proved to be more challenging due to the complex

surfacing involved, however by taking a step back and

mapping out the patch layout in your head and deciding

where to use certain techniques allowed the models to

come together. Graham was always on hand to give some

friendly guidance and advice to establish what worked well

and what did not.

I was very happy with how my models turned out and they

have given me some very valuable skills to take forward.

From what I have learnt with Graham I was able to progress

into a short term job at Audi Konzept in Munich as a contract

modeller and I was later offered a long term position at

Ferrari, which unfortunately I had to turn down due to

unforeseen circumstances. I am currently working in the UK

in a permanent position where I am involved in the design

process from start to finish. This position requires a lot of

CAS modelling, which has meant I have strongly depended

on the skills I have learnt with Graham as these need to be

second nature when modelling very quickly to tight

deadlines. Overall the skills I have developed have proved

invaluable, allowing me to progress to a professional

standard and test my skills in studio environments.

Gustavo Alcarde Elite student:


I met Graham in 2012 through Learning Alias, at that time I already knew the basics of Alias, working at IVECO Fiat, so I was looking for something beyond software training, I was looking for class A training and someone who could demystify it!

Graham became my mentor since then. At that moment my life started to change completely.

Modelling the Audi A5 with Graham’s lessons made me learn all the principals of professional surface construction and built on me the basis for Class A surfacing. For every part of the exterior hood, fenders, roof, pillars, front and rear ends…there are specific workflow that you cannot learn by tutorials and try to build the model by yourself. You need a professional Alias Instructor to review your model and guide you through the next steps, and that was the first stage Graham helped me with.

Although it is a path that requires a lot of dedication, when Graham is instructing you, you can feel your progress day-by-day, you stop fighting with the surfaces and start to understand the logic behind them, which curve, which surface comes first and how they should be built.

He taught me the philosophy of the design behind the Audi A5, designed by Satoshi Wada, where the attitude of the car could be represented with 2 character lines, and moreover, could be understood with two brush strokes. That for me was one of the biggest lessons, about simplicity of design, where less is more.

Then once you have mastered the stage 1 (Modelling over blueprints) , on the stage 2 you will enjoy learning the workflows for Reverse Engineering over Mesh, which is a fundamental skill for Class A. When you see a model did by you with nice highlights, patch layout and neat cv hull, you will feel really proud of yourself.

My career had a great leap forward since I started with Learning Alias. Graham fast tracked me in such way that in two years I was receiving job offers from Brazil, China, Sweden, and finally from Ford where I work Currently. Alias world is fantastic and as an Alias modeller you will have the gift of being able to create amazing shapes! I am a pro Catia modeller as well, and I can tell you Alias is much more enjoyable, for once you learn through Learning Alias how to customize the software properly you will be able to focus on the design itself and not in which button you click!

You will learn not only surfacing, but also important technical aspects that you need to know when you are inside a Studio, and moreover, he will help you to understand your skill level as you progress! In Alias jobs there different levels of required skills and you do not want to land in a job you are not prepared for, there is a path to follow! So you need someone to evaluate you in depth and follow your progress. Graham helped me on that as well.

I do recommend you to join Learning Alias if you love surfacing and want to know all the technical details about that.



To Learn Alias Automotive to Industry Entry level has been made easier.

For student’s who have the objective of finding a CAD job in the near future, I still teach One to One students and all of these students get Automotive Modeling or Design/Modeling jobs, so it’s a great investment to make. The hourly rate is very high and there are vacancies in UK. France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, USA, Brazil etc. I can only take a maximum of 5-7 students at any one time. I teach all levels right up to Post Graduates. I have never had a Private student fail to get an Alias Automotive job (Companies include Ferrari, GM, Lotus, Opel, Audi Seat etc. ). If you wish to apply for a place, please email me with all your details.
Why not visit my website and take a look for your self?
Over 100 videos on many, many aspects of Learning Pro. Alias
I show you how to build a Complete Audi A5 Sportback (ext.) . Over 50 Videos on that alone !

Info. on Courses:

“Course #1”.

6 Months website access to all website based video tutorials, 167 GBP

“Course #2”.

167 GBP per month. You get your .wire reviewed by me every 15 days and you will receive : feedback, instruction, tips and advice from me personally. Access to all videos including my ” Private Student Training Videos”. You will build at least 3 complete automotive exteriors. The course also includes an intensive Reverse Engineering section, which required by most employers.

“#3 Full Pro. “Elite” Course”.

Fast Track Full Pro. “One to One” Course with weekly reviews and coaching 200 GBP per month. One to One Private tuition. You will receive specific geometry and meshes and modeling from me personally where required, to help you to complete your exteriors quickly to an Industry entry level standard. This means a bigger investment, but once in an Alias modeling job you will get back what you invested many times over and be able to work anywhere in the world

NB: Typically students pay 50% of the cost of the “Elite” course by monthly installments settling the balance over time,  once they have an Alias Automotive contract.

For more info,

Just register on my website and I’ll send you all the details


If you are in the USA, just register and login, then go to Profile and you can pay your subscription with your US credit card. Absolutely no extra charges for currency conversion.

Discounts for students in emerging Nations. Please ask !


Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

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